The Cooperativa's Products

Our wool and yarn are the only products produced from wild guanacos available in the US

our guanaco wool and yarn

A natural source of the softest fiber known to man

As a natural source of fiber from which to spin yarn or knit garments, guanaco fiber is matched only by the vicuña, the other wild camelid of South America.  But up to this time, little or no guanaco fiber has been available in the US and absolutely none from wild sources.  spinning With the introduction of the first products from the people of the Cooperativa, this situation has changed.   The Cooperativa currently offers two products for sale.  These are the only products produced from wild guanacos available in the US. 

The first product is cleaned and dehaired wool.   This product is desired by consumers who spin their own yarn.  It is sold by the gram.  The women of the Cooperativa prepare this wool by manually separating the guard hairs from the downy fleece.  The dehaired fleeces are then further cleaned by combing and carding the wool until all that remains is pure guanaco fiber.

The second product is 2-ply yarn.  The women of the Cooperativa spin this yarn using foot operated spinning wheels.  It is also a laborious process and each skein is hand crafted by one woman working in the daylight or by candle light in her home.  Handspun guanaco yarn is a unique artisan product that can be knit into scarves, sweaters, hats etc.  The result will be softer and cozier than a garment made from any other fiber (except vicuña which yields equally soft and cozy results).  The skeins are sold by length – 240 yards to the skein.

The wool and yarn are a delightful light chocolate brown color.


Our cleaned fiber is available from Foxglove Fiberarts Supply --
Our yarn can be found at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas --