Our Partners

The Cooperativa exists today because of the generosity of spirit shared with us by many individuals and groups, including three non-profit organizations

our partners, our friends

WCS, SCI and GECS have provided invaluable assistance and unflagging support

We have received enormous help, as detailed on the Project page, from the Direccion de Recursos Naturales y Renovables of the Province of Mendoza, the city of Malargue and from Dr. Carmanchahi’s CONICET. In addition, there have been three partners who have also helped us along the road to success.  These are the Wildlife Conservation Society, “WCS”, Sustainable Communities International, “SCI”, and the South American Camelid Specialist Group, “GECS”.  The first two partners are US 501 © (3) organizations.
Wildlife Conservation Society has sent a team of biologists to every round-up we have had.  These dedicated scientists perform important basic scientific research on each animal that is sheared. Wildlife Conservation Society This research includes sampling blood and fecal material, measuring heart rate, and noting sex, pregnancy status, and biometric characteristics.  The animals are tagged and a small percentage receives radio collars.  The WCS scientists also keep a watchful eye on the shearing process to ensure that each animal is treated humanely and is under restraint for the shortest possible time.learn more at www.wcs.org


Sustainable Communities International Sustainable Communities International has provided invaluable assistance in helping us understand and develop the link between the guanaco resource and our community’s efforts to improve our standard of living.  SCI is devoted to helping indigenous communities like our own learn to use surrounding resources in a sustainable way that benefits both the community and the resource itself. SCI has also been essential for developing our contacts to the US market and has paved the way for our marketing effort.  SCI Board members have made many visits to Argentina to work with us on the guanaco project.learn more at www.scintl.org

GECSSince 2005, the South American Camelid Specialist Group has promoted the Cooperativa’s work and has provided technical, commercial and legal assistance. GECS contributes scientific information regarding guanaco management, conservation and animal welfare during the guanaco round-up. GECS also collaborated in the development of a fair scheme for fiber marketing. Finally, the group also builds bridges between the Cooperativa and other interested organizations at the national and international levels.   learn more at http://www.camelidosgecs.com.ar