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While not the easiest organization to contact, the Cooperativa would love to hear from you

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We would love to hear from you

The Cooperativa is not the easiest organization to contact but we would love to hear from you and we promise to answer each inquiry as quickly as we can.  The best way to get in touch with us is via E-Mail.  Our E-Mail address is 

One of our Cooperativa members also has occasional access to a cell phone and to the Internet for E-Mail when she is in Malargue, the little town 120 kilometers distant from the Reserva.  She speaks and writes English so she can respond to questions or comments. 

If you are calling from outside of Argentina the cell number is: 54 9 2627 639074
We have no land telephone line.  Maybe someday! 

There is no way to write us via regular Mail because there is no Mail service in the Reserva.

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